Price Honda CBR 150R

Price Honda CBR 150R - CBR, all must know about this motor, the motor is made by Honda Motor Sport type that Include in the world are racing Moto GP. Formerly CBR motorcycle often get the first podium for his speed, and up to now, too, Motor Sport types of Honda remain in prime position defeating various motors from other manufacturers, and it is proved that Honda was the best of the best in its class.
Then, for those of you who do not like the big cc, this time Honda Honda CBR issued a small cc version, known as the Honda CBR 150R. Motor Sport type is created with the mirror on the motor is already global Supersport Honda CBR 1000RR name ie. Not only glass, but many technologies adopted from the large motor and be a component of CBR patents in this mini version of the Honda CBR 150R.
To the extent the shape and look of it is very similar to the CBR 1000RR, which Honda CBR 150R also look dashing with a full fairing wrapped frame is sturdy and powerful engine is used, making the Honda CBR 150R into one product that many desire most people throughout the world, especially Indonesia. Honda CBR 150R it was great, the resulting performance of the kitchen runway carrying make himself into one of the motor respected by other manufacturers.
Fast acceleration and support to achieve maximum speed in an instant, making Honda CBR 150R is favored by many users kenaraan motor, even to the archipelago even know if Honda CBR 150R is really great and tough that can be used daily or for those of you who like will be touring, and to complete and he explained more about what components are used didalmnya, you can listen to our review dalan Specifications and Price Honda CBR 150R below.Specifications and Price Honda CBR 150R
Specifications and Price Honda CBR 150RHonda CBR 150R SpecificationsMachine

Engine: 4-step, DOHC, 4-valve, single cylinder, liquid cooled
Step Volume: 149.5 cc
Diameter X Step: 63.5 x 47.2 mm
Comparison Compression: 11.0: 1
Maximum power: 12.6 kW (17.1 PS) / 10,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 13.0 Nm (1.32 kgf.m) / 7500 rpm
Engine Lubricating Oil Capacity: 1.0 liters in the periodic replacement
Type Starter: Electric starter
Battery Type: MF 12V-5 Ah
Ignition: Full Transisterized
Spark plugs: NGK CPR9EA-9 / ND U27EPR9

Clutch Type: Wet Multiplate with Coil Springs
Transmission Type: 6-speed
Gear shift pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6

Length X Width X Height: 1,995 x 711 x 1,117 mm
Wheelbase: 1,296 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 160 mm
Empty weight: 143 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 13.2 liters
Frame: Diamond Steel (Truss Frame)
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: swing arm with single suspension (Suspension Systems Pro-Link)
Tires Front: 100/80 - 17 M / C (tubeless)
Rear tires: 130/70 - 17 M / C (tubeless)
Brakes Front: hydraulic disc with dual piston
Rear brakes: disc with single piston hodrolik
Review Honda CBR 150RReview CBR 150R
Review Honda CBR 150R
Not unlike jauk with her sister who is similarly brought anga 150 in the middle of the name that CB150R Honda, Honda CBR150R is also equipped with a solid frame and able to withstand all the existing load with Diamond Steel framework which is the standard framework of world class motor sport. Not only his sturdy frame, but the look of Honda CBR 150R is very handsome with a bandage full fairing fitted tank large capacity of 13.2 liters.
In addition, the shape of the seat used Honda CBR 150R is no less modern with a cast body is used, which will create a sense of comfort over to the driver, and therefore all make the Honda CBR 150R weighs a hefty weight reached 143 kg, but the weight tersebbut very proportional to its dimensions of 711 x 1,995 x 1,117 mm and in harmony with the lowest distance to the ground which reaches 160mm, the distance will allow you to maneuver in all terrain traversed.
Then to support more convenience to users, Honda CBR 150R using a foot-rigid yanng strong enough and provide high stability, such as the use of suspension telekopik on the front and swing arm with suspension single (System Suspension Pro-Link), which can reduce all vibration, and makes driving more fun, moreover it is equipped with two racing wheels wrapped in large-sized tubeless tires, which can add to the stability that is becoming more at the Honda CBR 150R strolled the streets.
Not to forget the double disc brakes complete the look to be more manly and has a high security level, due to the front brake Honda CBR 150R itself reinforced two piston and rear one piston which can offset each other when you're braking in a position cornering or abrupt to remain stable despite the second brake The used simultaneously. So you need not be afraid or hesitant in braking suddenly.
In producing the Tangguh performance, Honda CBR 150R supplied by the Honda engine type 4 stroke and 4 valve DOHC cylinder standing on a volume of 149.5 cc, which has a compression ratio of 11.0: 1 with a fuel supply system of new technologies that PGM- FI can add performance to be more, continue to use Honda CBR 150R comes with a 6 speed that can support rapid acceleration.
However, massive machines and resilient brought by CBR 150R heat up quickly, even though the engine system that uses already using coolant radiator, it caused the exhaust used can not get rid of gas completely, because the final hole discharge is too small, so to anticipate you can replace it with a racing-type muffler in order to pull out the maximum performance when the gas dibetot streets.
For maximum power generated by the engine of the Honda CBR 150R can reach 17.1 PS at 10,500 rpm, while the Honda CBR 150R torque reached 13.0 Nm at 7.500rpm. With these results and the results of the test than on the streets, Honda CBR 150R can reach a maximum speed of up to 131 km / h, really fast not? if you dare to menggeber up the pace? but if you love this sport menggeber motor type is better if you use the fuel types pertamax to maintain the existing quality and speed.Price Honda CBR 150RPrice Honda CBR 150R
Price Honda CBR 150R
There are two versions of Price Honda CBR 150R, it is because Honda CBR 150 no production thailand native and domestic production, both distinguished by the use of head lam and final results keceptan achieved, kalu for domestic production, Honda CBR 150R using 2 head lamp with a maximum speed reaches 131 km / h, but for thailand version can only reach 130 km / h using a Head Lamp only, and for the second tag of the version you can see in the table Prices latest Honda CBR 150R below.

Versions of the Interior / Local
Price Honda CBR 150R Standard New Rp.29,500,000, -Price Repsol Honda CBR 150R New Edition Rp.30,100,000, -

Version Thailand
Price Honda CBR 150R Standard New Rp.42,900,000, -Price Repsol Honda CBR 150R New Edition Rp.43,650,000, -Price Used Honda CBR 150R (th2012) Rp.31,000,000, -Price Honda CBR 150R Newest Click Here

See also the following detailed specification and price review Honda CB150R Street Fire Recent only in Both versions are not important, the important thing is the ability of the budget you have, for you have more budget, aka a lot, you can choose a version of the original Thai to be bought, because his name is also original, it is definitely performance undoubtedly, but so was version In Negri Local alias, to the version that is actually even more superior performance than Version Thailand, so stay specify your options in accordance with the ability of the budget you have. Thus we convey information regarding the specifications along with Price Latest Honda CBR 150R may be useful to you and thank you for visiting OtoBoy.
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