who want to eliminate phlegm quickly in just 1 day naturally

For those of you who want to eliminate phlegm quickly in just 1 day naturally here I will give you a solution. Panu also called tinea versicolor is a skin disease that generally most people have experienced. Panu is caused by the growth of fungus on the skin of humans and usually this skin disease often settles the area of ​​the face, neck, arms, shoulders and back. The impact of this fungus is very annoying especially when the fungus was in the facial area, this will be a thing that usually makes the person feel embarrassed because the fungus is considered also as a skin disease caused by lack of hygiene of the body.The name of this fungus disease fungus is Candida albicans. The early symptoms of tinea versicolor usually will cause white patches on the skin, it would be bad if the fungus is not overcome soon. Tinea versicolor fungus is contagious which will continue to grow and spread assigned to other bodies. Patients with tinea versicolor will also be slightly to the problems that plague our skin because it will usually cause itching especially when sweating.Many products are already sold in pharmacies in the city nearest us to overcome this disease, Obat panu dan kurap alami but I think the healing process using the product is very long. There are natural ways that can eliminate phlegm quickly even within a single day can be lost permanently phlegm. But before that it helps us to know in advance the cause of phlegm and how to avoid the following.What are the causes of Panu?

Temperatures that are too moist so that the clothes we wear will dampen the water and causes the growth of this fungus fungus.
Temperatures that are too hot to make sweat out so that the clothes we wear sweat water will drown it will also cause mold growth.
Often under the direct rays of the sun can also cause fungus that causes tinea versicolor.
Often replace the towels belong to someone else, we try to have a personal towel to avoid contracting a skin disease from others despite our own brothers.
Fiction usually minor trauma or skin friction that occurs fellow like the thighs, especially in obese people.
Excessive perspiration during exercise strongly influence the growth of this fungus in a short time.Above, are mostly the causes of common skin fungus on our skin, for those of you who are already affected by this disease. Of course there is a powerful natural way to eliminate the fungus rapidly even in just one day. Please see below.Natural Ways to Eliminate Panu With Fast in 1 day:A. HOW ROUGHRough way to overcome excess phlegm quickly in one day. Disadvantages of this rough way can cause stinging of the skin.1. GarlicEfficacy of garlic is indeed quite remarkable because the content of garlic has anti-bacterial compound that is capable of killing all types of fungi and bacteria, especially in the skin.How to use: Take 1 clove of garlic and cut the garlic into two parts. Rub the garlic part in this area until the skin slightly reddened skin fungus and feels a little sore. Hold any pangs, when the pain had disappeared continue rubbing until the skin reddening and stinging again. After that let the moment get this fungal bacteria die. This will make the phlegm lost forever in just one day.
2. Galangal and SaltGalangal has a compound quercetin, starch and flavonoids that are useful to overcome the bacteria and fungi, galangal also been widely used by our ancestors from the past to cope with skin diseases such as tinea versicolor.How to use: Take 1 galangal to split and use the parts of this galangal to rubbed on the skin fungus, in order to maximize results we can sprinkle a little salt on the outer parts of galangal earlier. Rub the skin is attacked phlegm up the skin somewhat flushed and sting. Do this 3 times in 1 day only, the fungus will disappear quickly.Natural Ways to Eliminate Panu Quickly In 1 day

B. HOW SMOOTHHow to smooth the excess skin will not sting and disadvantages subtle ways this takes about 2-3 days for tinea versicolor can disappear.1. Belimbing Wuluh and Kapur SirihCombination mix of starfruit along whiting will be a material that is very effective and powerful tool to address fungus and mildew.How to use: smooth starfruit Mash and mix with whiting to taste and apply on the skin fungus evenly until it dries and rinse with clean water.2. Lime and SulfurThe content of vitamin C extracts of lime and sulfur minerals can be powerful to kill germs and fungi especially stubborn phlegm.How to use: Mash sulfur refined taste and mix with lime juice then stir well and apply on skin fungus. Do this 2-3 times a day on a regular basis. Then the fungus will disappear quickly.Tips to Avoid Panu :: ::- Bathing regularly at least 3 times a day- Do not be too long under direct sunlight- Do not use clothes that are too tight- Do not use a towel belonging to others- Use clothes that can absorb perspiration

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